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* Short Movies And Documentaries *

Çocukluk – BBC’nin 1992’de Hazırladığı Yaşar Kemal Filmi The Mirror

29: Finish Something!
Stanley Kubrick – Masterpieces
Auteur in Space
This Is Normal (2013)
Le Gouffre (2015)
Modern Times (2012) “The tragedy of modern man is not that he knows less and less about the meaning of his own life, but that it bothers him less and less.” Vaclav Havel
Urbanbugs – A Street Art Documentary Produced, Edited and Directed by Aykut Alp Ersoy
When I Grow Up Direction, Animation & Story – Colin Hesterly
ZELOTYPIA – short film written and directed by Franco Marco Avi
The Other Dave
A Documentary About “The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)” Adapted from the book THE WES ANDERSON COLLECTION: THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL by Matt Zoller Seitz Written & Narrated by Matt Zoller Seitz Edited by Steven Santos
The Brain Hack
Baxter directed by Ty Coyle
To Venner / Two Friends (UK Subs), Winner of Danish Academy Award for Best Short Film, 2011 Director: Paw Charlie Ravn, Producer: Jacob Jarek, The National Film School of Denmark © 2010
White Out
Getting Lost, a poem by John Clare narrated by Tom O’Bedlam, filmed by Iker Elorrieta…
F for Fake (1973) – How to Structure a Video Essay
25 Years of Goodfellas
The Alchemist’s Letter 
 Walking the Earth 
 Not About Us 

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